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Strategic Environmental Analysis



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Strategic Environmental Analysis

Strategic Environmental Analysis (SEAN) is a methodology for environmental or integrated sustainability analysis and for decision-support to strategic planning. SEAN is a comprehensive and practical tool used in various countries. SEAN is part of the family of tools falling under Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

The SEAN Method

The SEAN method consists of 10 analytical steps and a process of 5 phases. Both analytical steps and process phases are elaborated in detail, and will help mainstream environmental issues into existing plans and planning processes.

The SEAN Experiences

There are experiences in working with SEAN at different scale levels (national to local), for different partners (Government, NGOs) and with different objectives (planning or assessment).  A list of practioners artitioners that that have been working with SEAN  may be found here. Lessons learned and remaining challenges have been identified.

The SEAN Products

 There are various SEAN products to guide practitioners, in different languages. The SEANToolbox is also available as a CD-ROM. There is also Spanish and French documentation, as well as a "SEAN Light" version, and a document on environmental monitoring. There is an annual Newsletter on recent SEAN experiences and products. There is a set of training courses available.



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